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Window cleaners in York City Centre and surrounding areas, H2O Yorkshire are fully insured and enjoy cleaning them out of reach areas. Using the lastest pure water technology, investment in equiptment and professional training we guareante our quality!

At H2O Yorkshire we clean more than just windows, offering conservatory cleaning, fascia & soffits, gutter cleaning, thoese previuosly hard to reach areas including sills and frames.

The owner of H2O Yorkshire attends all jobs and works within the team to ensure excellence of service, he will contact customers if there is any change.

Call H2O Yorkshire Facility Services on 01904 819136

Commercial Window Cleaning York

H2O Yorkshire - Fully Qualified and Insured Team

Regular cleaning of commercial premisies - windows and glass areas by our fully qualified and insured team, our team have the equipment and experience to clean high office blocks with ease, using pure water technology the windows we clean stay cleaner for longer!
We are proud to offer a professional quality service at a competitive price, all our staff are friendly and uniformed.

Why Cleaning Is Important!

Regular cleaning of windows and conservatorys reduces the need for repairs and maintenance, over time the accumulation of dust/dirt and grime can cause actual damage to the frame work along with fading and discolouration.

Blocked gutters & valleys restrict drainage, with the growth of moss & other plant life, in the worst cases panels can lift, reducing windows and conservatories water tightness. Green algae if left can spread over the polycarbonate roof panels/glass panels making the once gleaming conservatory look unsightly.

H2O place great emphasis on caring for the environment. H2O recognise that the nature of our business has potential to impact detrimentally on the environment, particularly where we use cleaning materials. Use of such materials is under our direct control, and it is our policy therefore to minimise the use of harmful products and to use environmentally friendly products and procedures wherever possible.

H2O recognises and accepts its obligations to ensure that the environment is not adversely affected by our activities.

We will take steps, so far as is reasonably practicable, to meet our environmental responsibilities, paying particular attention to: The use of environmentally friendly equipment and materials.

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